Offbeat New Mexico: Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture

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The Best of Mesa Verde Country by Patrice Raplee

Southwest Colorado, in the Montezuma Valley, is an enchanting high desert region with diverse and breath-taking landscapes. The area was home to the Ancestral Puebloans and is rich in history, from fascinating Native American archaeological sites and ruins, to Spanish trails and old west heritage. The Montezuma Valley offers visitors a unique destination with amazing cultural, outdoor and urban attractions. New Mexico's 10 best places to visit

10 Must See Places in New Mexico by Neala McCarten

The Land of Enchantment is well-named -- it enchants visitors with its Native American heritage, Spanish Colonial history, sunny blue skies, natural wonders, and art that flows out of every city and town. Although it is difficult to highlight all those strands that make up the tapestry of New Mexico, these are the 10 that top the list.

Looking for places that are really different? Try Kuwait, Paraguay, and Leyte, in the Philippines.

Three Underrated Travel Destinations That Deserve Your Attention by Tucky Fussell

Leave the crowded, popular tourist sights to the masses and the unpolished gems to us. For those looking for a unique travel experience, three places in different parts of the globe are quietly raising their hands. And you may not be able to guess what they are.  Guide to the restaurant scene and the very best places to eat in
	 Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor: Where to Eat in One of the Top Restaurant Towns in Michigan (perhaps the country) by Neala McCarten

A2 is, quite simply, one of the top Foodie Destinations of Michigan, perhaps the country. After a week eating my way through Ann Arbor (vegan, vegetarian, carnivore) from Aventura to Pacific Rim this is an alphbetical guide to the best places across the culinary landscape of Ann Arbor Michigan.
 Jeweled Delights of Judith Leiber Purses Always on Display at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke,

The Jeweled Delights of Judith Leiber: Always on Display at the Taubman by Neala McCarten

When I walked into the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke I certainly wasn't expecting to see the tiny jeweled minaudieres of Judith Leiber, yet I soon discovered that the museum holds one of the largest collection of these elegant mini purses in the country. They're always on display at the Taubman, and Earthly Delights is going on tour.

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read about Canyonland NP and more Utah places

Unique Places to Visit in Utah

Utah is a land of many wonders and great place to visit any time of the year. On your visit to Utah, in addition to the famous National Parks included some of these lesser known wonders to help get you off the beaten track. Miami might be the perfect vacation package --

The Best of Miami

Miami Beach has partied its way to popularity with great beaches, a hipster scene, a contemporary art vibe, and enough fabulous architecture to make strolling the neighborhoods a head-turning experience. Though hurricane Irma recently made her impact on Miami, it didn't take as long as expected for residents and visitors to return to their daily lives, and many hotels and attractions have already reopened. Five Beautiful Yet Uncrowded Destinations in Australia's Gold Coast

Five Beautiful Yet Uncrowded Destinations in Australia's Gold Coast

Unbeknownst to many, Australia's Gold Coast is home to a number of uncrowded barbecue spots, parks, and beaches. They are considered the "hidden spots" of the city, and luckily, they haven't caught up to the hype yet. Here are five spots certain to delight. Halloween across the country 2017

This Just In...

Halloween Across the USA: 2017 Happenings

Across the country, towns are putting their own spin on this frightening holiday. Whether it's dancing to "Thriller" in Lexington, walking through graveyards in Fort Worth or enjoying a Mardi-Gras style parade in New Orleans, there is no shortage of fun events to experience across the country.  learn more about 4ORE in Lubbock Texas at

4ORE! Comes to Lubbock, Texas

There's a new kid in town and this one likes to party and play golf. It's the new "golf grille games" place called 4ORE!

Review of Travelwise packing cubes

TravelWise Packing Cubes: Lightweight, Convenient and Versatile

I was recently asked to try out the sets of packing cubes by TravelWise and loved them. They come in a 3 piece set and a 5 piece set so you can select the one that would work best for you. I liked the larger set because it offers so much flexibility, but the smaller set is also excellent for travelers. Here's why. Jason Gamrath lush glass art at Phipps in Pittsburgh

Stunning New SUPER. NATURAL. Glass Art Exhibit Attracts Thousands to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh

The new blockbuster exhibition features the renowned contemporary glass artistry of Jason Gamrath and his massive larger-than-life glass sculptures from its unique colossal Venus fly trap to breathtaking orchids up to 14 feet tall, each representing their living counterparts on a super-sized scale.

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August 10, 2017