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4ORE! Comes to Lubbock, Texas

There's a new kid in town and this one likes to party and play golf. It's the new "golf grille games" place called 4ORE!

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It's going to be fun for the whole family. 4ORE isn't a standard course -- in fact, it isn't a course at all. It's a simulated game that uses advanced Doppler-based technology that tracks the placement of each player's shot and maps it on a monitor.

Players stay in one of the 60 climate-controlled tee boxes and watch their progress down a simulated course. Points are awarded for hitting targets on the simulated turf course.

For a one-time fee of $5 players can keep track of all their games and shots -- go back anytime and see how you've played.

Currently there are five courses available to "play," with more being added. Plus fun variations projected on the monitor including pinball, long drive challenge, and Knock-out where "golfers" earn points by hitting virtual objects.

Back in the box there are all the amenities you'd want, right at hand,. With room for up to six people it can be play and party time. And it comes with men's and women's golf clubs.

This entertainment complex hosts a full-service sports bar and grille, outdoor patios and upscale cocktail lounge.

Before, after, or instead of golfing, the outdoor terrace has games, life music and a putting green. Bring the kids, the area is enclosed for safety.

The upstairs lounge is adults only.

For more information go to: 4ORE!

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September 5, 2017

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