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Tips on Finding Group Accommodation in London

When you're a tourist, one finds themselves being bombarded with a lot of advice on how they can keep themselves safe in a foreign land. Unfortunately, none of that information will have to do with ways in which one can save money while vacationing in an expensive place, such as London.

To make your lives easier, here are some of the ways in which one can save money when it comes to London accommodation groups.

Know Where to Look

A little bit of research goes a long way, especially when you're looking to find cheap group accommodations in London. This is where timing matters. For instance, hotels in the city itself usually see a big drop-off during the weekends. This means that you can find a good deal for a weekend stay no matter if it's in the zone 1 and 2 of the tube map. If you can cherry pick your dates carefully, you will definitely find group accommodations, with modern architecture and great restaurants.

Use Google

You can easily find the best available rates across several websites by using Google, or you could use a meta-search tool which will enable you to use search several sites all at once. Be wary of rates that are displayed without VAT. Once you have found the results of your choice, you should contact the hotels directly with your findings and make sure that the quotes are legit. Most of the time, you will be able to find hotels that are willing to play ball since they get to save money on third-party agent commissions.

Sign Up for Deals and Special Offers

For this, you will have to get on the mailing list of sites such as, Premier Inn, Tune Hotels, Apex Hotels or Travelodge amongst others. These are the kind of companies which usually offer limited-time deals with some eye-catching discounts. If you're planning a vacation soon, keep yourself in-the-know by following the Twitter feeds of the above mentioned companies to find out of spontaneous deals.

The Boutique Budget

Do you have a taste for novelty but don't have the budget to match? Well, fortunately for you, there is a new breed of hotels in London which are reinventing the notion of what a tourist can get without having to deal with the fancy price tag. Yotel, Aloft London Excel, and Base2Stay are all great examples of places where you get to choose what you need, and what's unnecessary.

Think Big ... No Really!

If you're group is travelling on a budget, common sense would suggest you stay away from large hotels. But, if you really think about it, larger hotels have more rooms to fill, which is where you will find the steepest group accommodation discounts. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, Hilton Metropole and Cumberland Hotel are all good examples of where you should start. These hotels have more than a thousand rooms to fill and it is highly unlikely that all of them will be booked.

Ending Note

London is an expensive place. These top money-saving tips should help those who are interested in London accommodation groups.

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June 18th, 2014
Updated: January 2, 2017

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