Living Abroad in Europe: What You Should Know

Planning that great move to Europe and relocating to another, fascinating country can be a wonderful adventure, before you even go through with the relocation itself. Just the prospects, the possibilities, the wonders waiting to be discovered are an experience in and of itself.

But before you do make that move and hire international moving services there's a couple of things you should bear in mind and plan ahead. Here's everything you need to know:


First and foremost, prepare yourself in regards to required documentation, permits and visas. Although entering most European countries from the USA for short periods of time does not require a visa, if you're planning to relocate you should certainly look into the matter. Check the US State Department's website for the information that's most relevant to you, and don't forget to handle these matters for anyone else traveling with you.

Local Expat Community

Before you actually move to your new destination get in touch with the local expat community. Today, social networks make this extremely easy. Reach out to them, start forming relationships, ask questions. This will prove very useful in getting all the inside-info you'll need -- what's the best neighborhoods in town? What's the best ways to deal with bureaucracy, etc. This can also prove useful for not feeling alone when you get there, as many expat communities hold social events and gatherings and will happy to see you join them.


Not all European countries speak English, or understand English very well, for that matter. If you're going to such a country, make sure you get at least the basics of the language before you get there, so you can get along. This will also show the local you're making an effort.

Sleeping Accommodations

When you go on a short holiday and choose a mediocre hotel or a neighborhood that could be better, you know it will all be over in a few days. But when you relocate and go to all the trouble of planning the move and finding professional international moving services only to be disappointed with where you live, well, that can be daunting. Do your research, find out where's best to live and find an apartment there.

International Moving Services

Planning everything else perfectly but failing to hire professional international moving services to deliver your belongings where and when you need them, is shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure you get experts to help you with the move and start your new adventure like you should.

Bottom line, this is a beautiful thing you're planning that will change your life and introduce you to new cultures and new people. Make the most of it!

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May 14, 2018

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