What's in Your Bag? The Perfect Vacation Packing List

All my bags are packed; I'm ready to go!
We're sure this line from that famous song by John Denver often comes to your mind when you're leaving for your vacation. However, at the same time, you're also doubtful if you've kept all the essentials in your bag.

Whether you are travelling for a long international vacation or a quick trip to the mountains, every vacation requires you to be well packed. This ensures you enjoy your trip without any hassles. Also, for a hassle free vacay, you can buy travel insurance online to take care of all your travel-related worries like loss of checked-in baggage, trip cancellation and more.

So, to help you pack all the necessary things, we've created a list that you can use as a reference to get your packing all right!

Packing Organizers

If you don't want your travel bag to be unorganised, then go for these miraculous items.

Use packing cubes, compression sacs or folders to place everything from your clothes to your books in an organised fashion. Compression sacs will help place bulky items like sweaters and towels in much less space. Packing cubes have a meshed lid and prove useful to pack various items of a category in an accessible manner. Putting packing organisers in your bag will make it easy for you to pack and unpack your stuff wherever and whenever required.


There's a long list of basics that you should probably check before you zip your bag. You can decide what suits you according to the kind of destination you're visiting. It includes the following: - Lightweight clothing for layering - Sweaters and Jackets - T-shirts - Jeans, trousers or shorts - Spaghetti or tank tops - Thermals or innerwear - Belts - Socks, gloves and mufflers - Shoes, flipflops, sandals - Undergarments - Sleepwear - Sunglasses - Swimsuit or trunks - Accessories - Hairpins, hairbands, safety pins - Hand napkins - Towels - Travel Pillow, earplugs and eye mask

Check this list to be sure that you've kept all the basic things for your vacation. However, be sure that you pack smartly. Another space saving hack is to keep clothing options that can be used in different styles.


This would include all the things which you need to maintain personal hygiene, while you're away from home. It consists of the following: - Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss - Soap, body wash, facewash, shampoo and conditioner - Moisturiser and sunscreen with SPF - Comb - Makeup remover wipes - Lip balm - Sanitary napkins - Shaving kit with razors - Hair gel and beard oil - Perfume or deodorant - Contact lenses and solution - Toilet paper, wipes - Nail trimmer, filer - Mini mirror

To be on the safer side, carry the prescription of any specific face gel or cream that the doctor may have suggested you.

First Aid & Medicines

Travelling can bring along various challenges when it comes to health. Therefore, carry all kinds of medicines and aid devices when going for a vacation. This will include the following: - First aid kit (Bandages, dressing tape and other things) - Doctor's prescription - Allergy medicines - Flu and cough medicines - Pain and fever relievers - Thermometer - Motion & Altitude Sickness Pills - Digestive pills - Balms and ointments - Hand Sanitizer - Sleeping pills

You can also carry any medicines that you may need for a specific region.

Technology Related Devices

Ideally, vacation should be a time away from all technology. However, it has become such an indispensable part of our lives, that staying away is a bit hard. So, we've listed a few things that you must carry along: - Mobile and charger - Power bank - Headphones - Portable speakers - Camera - Laptop (If the need be) - iPad - Adapters

All these devices in your baggage will ensure that you are always high on the tech quotient while making the most of the trip.

Travel Comfort & Entertainment

Your vacation is a good time to unwind. So, carry all these things to enjoy some relaxing time: - Travel pillow, travel blanket, eye mask and ear-plugs - A stole to cover yourself - Travel Diary and Pen - A few travel games like cards, scramble - Books, magazines and sketchbook

Important Travel Documents, Cash and Cards

Amidst other things, don't forget to keep documents and cards that you would need at every stage of the trip. - Passport and Visa - Personal ID card - Any flyer cards that you may have - Print outs of reservation and itineraries - Tickets if any, booked for transportation - Credit and debit cards - Emergency contact details - Emergency cash - Guide books and maps

Having all these in your bag will save you a lot of unnecessary running around.

Travel Security

When you travel, travel safe! For this reason, we suggest you carry safety essentials with you. Firstly, buy travel insurance online from a reputed insurance company to safeguard against any contingency that you might face. Apart from this, you must carry the following: - Locks - Hidden wallets - Mini flashlight - Luggage accessories

All these will help you keep security-related worries at bay!

Pack Well, Prepare Well

So, before you leave for your vacation, check if you've included everything mentioned above. Also, buy travel insurance online to savour the joy of vacationing, keeping work and worries at a distance!
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