Kid Free Zone: Best New York Attractions for the Adult Crowd in 2019

Traveling with kids is a great way to make family memories but sometimes, as a parent, you need to reconnect to your former self before kids came along. I'm not saying get wild and crazy, but sometimes traveling without your kids can make a vacation really feel like an actual vacation.

You'll be able to experience the destination you're visiting on a deeper level without having to restrict attractions down to kid-friendly options. An adults-only trip is not only something you should make happen in the near future, but it can also be good for your health. While the little ones are away visiting their grandparents, you and your spouse will be able to focus on each other whether you choose to spend hours in a museum or just enjoy each other's company in the park.

A trip like this is the perfect opportunity to gather your church members, bowling buddies, and social organization members, together to plan a kid-free vacation! One of the great locations to take this kid-free vacation is in the great state of New York!

You and your friends can take a bite out of the Big Apple by visiting a multitude of different attractions that scream adults only. You absolutely love your kids, but this will be a trip where you can engage in conversation that doesn't involve Spongebob, Baby Shark, or Paw Patrol, and for that... this trip would be priceless. So, for a trip full of adult fun and engaging adult conversations, get a big group together and explore New York and all of its bounties.

Take a Sex Education Course at The Museum of Sex

To get this vacation started off right, why not have you and all your friends pay a visit to the Museum of Sex. This museum is quite the cultural attraction of the great state and is unlike any other. Its main focus is the history and evolutions of sex, as well as the significance of it.

This is definitely a museum that everyone on this trip will want to experience. To accommodate everyone with transportation, the best option would be to rent a charter bus. This ensures that everyone can maneuver through the city with ease. Once you arrive at the museum, you and your friends will see all kinds of exhibits and displays on human sexuality meant to spark engaging conversations among its visitors.

The Museum of Sex features more than 20,000 artifacts relating to sexuality in the form of fashion, technology, and art and photography. Because these displays are showcased without censors, it is definitely no place for children, making it one of New York's top attractions for adults only!

Step Back in Time for a Cocktail at The Back Room

The Back Room is notably one of New York's most famous speakeasies. It was operated and ran during the Prohibition era and is still thriving to this very day. In the 1920s it was simply known as "The Back of Ratner's" and was a popular location to the stars of the "Roaring Twenties."

You and your group can turn back the hands of time and indulge in this timeless speakeasy by sipping on cocktails from a teacup or simply basking in the 1920s vintage interior design. The Back Room is the perfect place for you and your friends to enjoy a night of fun, the old New York way.

Experience Nature at Niagara Falls

The natural splendor at Niagara Falls is what attracts visitors from all over the globe. This gorgeous waterfall cascades over 600,000 gallons of water and is an attraction that is literally two places at once, being that one side is in the United States, while the other side is in Canada! To truly experience Niagara Falls, you and your group will want to get close to the falls on the Maid of the Mist boat cruise. You will be taken on a trip to the basin of the famous falls. Upon arriving on the tour boat, you'll be given a complimentary poncho. From there, get ready to embark on a waterfront experience unlike any other. A trip to Niagara Falls will surely be a big highlight of your trip!

Get in the Game at the 40/40 Club

If you're a true sports fan, then the 40/40 Club is where you can score big! The famous sports bar and lounge received its name from a baseball term for four record-setting players for hitting 40 home runs and stealing 40 bases in a single Major League Baseball season.

Your group will be able to enjoy an ambiance of baseball memorabilia mixed with a little bit of New York sophistication. It has multiple lounge options and enticing menu selections. To showcase the sports fan in you, slide into the 40/40 club... you're sure to hit a home run there!

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January 10, 2019

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