Five Beautiful yet uncrowded destinations in
	 Australia's Gold Coast

Five Beautiful Yet Uncrowded Destinations in Australia's Gold Coast

Most of us just wants to get away from the city every once in a while. The hustle and bustle can get too stressful at times, making us crave the peace and quiet. The Gold Coast of Australia is a great place to unwind and is well-known for its wildlife sanctuary, village markets, cultural centres, and national parks. These spots, however, can get crowded at times.

Unbeknownst to many, Goldy is home to a number of uncrowded barbecue spots, parks, and beaches. They are considered the "hidden spots" of the city, and luckily, they haven't caught up to the hype yet. And to make your trip more comfy, it's best to get a car hire in Gold Coast so you can drive around town at your leisure.

Hinze Dam

Bring the whole fam to Hinze Dam in Advancetown and prepare for a whole day of picnic and BBQ. Make sure to bring your bikes and scooters, as riding around the dam is definitely a must! If you are not in the mood to cook, then you can buy food from a nearby cafe and share it with your family at the picnic area. The parking space is pretty huge, too, and the toilets are clean and decent. Definitely a must-visit!

Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

Looking for a romantic date spot to impress your other half? The rock pools at Currumbin Valley is tucked away 50 metres from the main attraction. Walk 50 metres upstream all the way to a small waterfall, and there you will find the majestic rock pools. It will literally stun and blow you away, as the view is just marvelous. You can even bring a basket of food, as a picnic table is present at the area.

Greenmount Beach

If you are not a fan of crowded beaches, then avoid going to Surfers Paradise and Burleigh, and visit Greenmount Beach instead. The glistening white sand and crystal blue water will leave you in awe. Go ahead and explore the headland during low tide and discover some secluded spots which are perfect for sunbathing and a picnic. If you want to try your luck at surfing or you just want to watch the surfers, then head on to Froggy's Beach at Snapper Rocks.
Five Beautiful yet uncrowded destinations in
	 Australia's Gold Coast

Budd's Beach Reserve

All you have to do is research to find that not every space in Surfers Paradise is crowded -- and Budd's Beach Reserve is proof of that. Spend your day riding a jet ski, paddleboard, or a boat. The spot is kid-friendly too, as a playground and jetty can be spotted in the area. A decent shower area and picnic tables can also be found in the area, so you can make good use of those right after playing in the water.

Tamborine Mountain

Now, the town can get crowded at times, but it is the spots outside Gallery Walk that you can run to if you ever need a breather. The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens is home to exotic species and natural rainforests, and offers over 11 hectares (27 acres) of green space. For lunch, try the MT Brewery and Liquid Amber Bistro -- they serve the best grilled food in town.

Grab your picnic basket, paddle board, boat, and whatever it is that you need for a fun and quiet day out with your family, and head on to these amazingly serene places! We promise that it is totally worth it.

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